Hefazate Islam, Shafi and Some Thoughts on Women’s Role in Society


Maulana Ahmed Shafi` Translated by Barrister Shah Ali Farhad:

(This is the English translation of Allama Shafi’s speech on women’s role in society and related areas. The translation is almost verbatim. I have tried to keep the original essence of Shafi’s speech, and did not make any alternations to make the translation more coherent. There were quite a few parts of the speech which were illegible, as in coherence wise, and I’ve deliberately preserved those deviations to keep the uniqueness intact. )

Women, you should stay within the four boundaries (confines) of your home. Don’t roam around outside your home. Who said it? Allah said it. The women before Hujur’s (Prophet Muhammad) generation used to roam around without veil. Don’t come out of your homes. Don’t roam around naked in the streets, markets and shops. Be careful, don’t go out for shopping. You have your son and husband; ask them to shop for you; why do you have to? You only have to order your husband: bring this; bring this; bring this with you. You’ll order your son; you’ll order son sitting around; why do you have to take the trouble? Stay at your husband’s home and safeguard the furniture of your husband. Care for your sons, daughter and children. These are your tasks. Why do you have to go out?

Why are you allowing your daughters to work at garment factories? You are working a lot. Your wife too, after being educated became a doctor. You are a doctor, and your daughter works in schools and garment factories. All of you are earning, yet you have complaints, yet you have complaints. Poverty-poverty-poverty-poverty. In the olden days, one used to earn, husband. Used to live in harmony with son, child, wife and daughter. Now, there is no saving. You are earning so much money, yet you cant manage, poverty-poverty-poverty, no savings.

Why have you given you daughter to garment factories? She leaves at 7/8 in the morning, and does not come back at 8/10/or even 12 at night. You don’t know which man she is roaming around with. You don’t know how many are using your daughter. How can there be saving, when she earns by doing adultery?

Your girls are studying in girls’ schools, colleges and universities. Make them educated up to Class 4/5. If they can keep track of husband’s finances and accounts when married off, that much education is sufficient for them. You are sending off your daughters to schools, colleges and universities for education, spending lakhs and lakhs of Taka. After a while, your daughter will choose a groom for herself and leave after doing love marriage/court marriage. She will not remember you. You guys tell me how many there are women?

Moreover, this is the generation of mobiles; tell me brothers what generation is this? Are you getting what I am telling you? Nobody mentions such things in Waaj (talks); they do ‘Rong Tamasha’ (dilly dallying) and then leave. This is the mobile generation for women, and everybody. Women have mobiles, men have mobiles. Students have mobile-mobile-mobile. Male students getting number of female students, female students taking numbers from male students in schools and colleges. Some education you are getting!

Women are made to sit in the front of classes at colleges and universities. What are the men studying? Women are like Tetul (Tamarind)-like Tetul – like Tetul. When you see a small boy sucking on Tamarind, your mouth will salivate. Is it true or not? When you pass under a Tamarind tree, your mouth salivates. Your mouth waters when you visit that part of the market which sells Tamarind. Women are worse than that. When you see women, your soul salivates, you want to marry her. You want to do love marriage/court marriage. Tell me is it not so? Women are like Tamarinds. If you’re studying day and night with womenfolk, you can’t control your desire. You walk along streets, shake hands with them, and you can’t control your desire. No matter how old you are, when you shake hands with a woman, your heart will have ill desires. This adultery of mind and soul will turn into actual adultery. Is this true or not? If anyone says, Hujur, my heart does not have ill desires when I see women, to them I say, you old man, are suffering from impotency. Your manliness has been jeopardized. That’s the reason why you don’t have ill desires when you see women. Only very old and impotent men don’t have ill desires when they see women.

(The next segment was in Chittagonian dialect)

Aren’t we having the winter chills of Poush Maash now? (“Poush Maash” is the 7th month of the Bengali Calendar) During Poush Maash, if you wrap yourself in a wet blanket during night time, will you feel warm? So, when an old, diseased, impotent man is poked, even if by a number of women, what will happen to him? Brothers, why don’t you understand? When a girl pokes and flirts with an old, diseased and impotent man, nothing will happen to him. During Poush Maash, wrapped in a wet blanket during night time, you’d shiver the whole night. I am talking of that old man. When young boys see girls, do they or do they not have ill desires in their heart? Tell me brothers, it appears all of you are old men. That is why I am saying, the thought of women can turn you to adultery even without you knowing. That is why veil is mandatory, do veil yourself and make others do the same.

Saplings grow from seeds. When looking for a bride for your son, you never ask whether she has read all 30 chapters of the Quran, whether she prays 5 times day, or whether she knows the Kalima. You never ask these, you only ask: Is your girl a doctor or doctorate? These women, when they get a man or two, destroy their sperms; sperms don’t get destroyed automatically, it is done by women. They roam around naked in schools and colleges. These boys and girls come to me every day and say: Hujur, for 5 years, 8 years, we are not having any sons or daughter, please give me a Talisman. Why will you not have kids despite getting married? You are childless, because child comes from sperm. You girls destroyed all sperms when you were in schools and colleges, how can you child now? You have finished all sperms, hence you don’t have any child. Even if you do have sperms, still you won’t take any child; you’d do birth control, use contraceptives. But you won’t take any child. It’s not that you won’t, simply that you cant. The penis has become dysfunctional from all the ejaculations. After one or two children, you wont’s conceive a child anymore. Nobody will be there to mention your name when you die. Why are you doing birth control? Do you understand what birth control means? Men are turned impotent and women’s genitalia is zipped up, so that they can’t conceive a child, that’s birth control. In the olden days, we used to hear that such arrangements were made for goats, they were deliberately turned impotent. Now such arrangements are there for man too, they too are being turned impotent. What they are doing turning man impotent? Putting their hands inside women, in the place of child birth, in their place of shame, and putting diaphragms, so that the sperm cannot enter, and children cannot be conceived. Is this the birth control you’re doing?

Are the elephants increasing in the forests or not? Are the tigers increasing or not? Are the pigs increasing or not? Are the monkeys increasing or not? They eat our wheat. So, go and do vasectomy on elephants, monkeys and pigs. Have you made any of those impotent who regularly destroy our wheat? Why are you only making humans impotent? Aren’t their increases filling up the forests? We are not being able to safeguard our rice and wheat. Elephants are growing in number aren’t they? So, go and do your vasectomy on them. Make tigers impotent, monkeys impotent, make pigs impotent. And you come here and say: “Whether it’s a boy or girl, two children are sufficient” If you’re doing birth control, can you control death? Even if you can control birth, can you control death? You have two children, but do you have any medicine or drug which can prevent death? Hae you prepared the elixir of immortality? You’re Warned.

According to the Prophet (PBUH): “Listen My Followers, marry such a girl who can conceive lots of children. Look at her mother, look after her maternal grandmother. Ask them to marry such a woman who can bear lots of children. You marred an unmarried woman who loves you. During the final day of judgment, I, Muhammad (PBUH) will feel proud that my followers are highest in number”.

You can marry 2/3 times, increase Ummats (followers of Muhammad PBUH). After marrying, one of the Sahabis (apostles of Muhammad (PBUH)) went to the Prophet (PBUH) of Allah and said: “Sire, I cannot maintain my wife”. The Prophet(PBUH) of Allah said: “Take another wife”. The Apostle said: “Sire, what are you saying? I can’t maintain one and you’re telling me to marry twice?” The Prophet said: “Listen to me, and marry again”. He married again, and with two wives, prosperity came to his household. Who is the master of Rizik (fate)? Allah or Man? Or the land? Bangladesh is short of land, population is increasing. Is that why you are doing birth control? Taking less and less children. Yet taking 5/8 with questionable women, or where are you doing these? Isn’t this too much? Do you read it in newspapers or don’t you? Who is the master of Rizik then? Allah almighty. Why should you do birth control then? You won’t feed them. Allah SWT said: “I will feed you, and your children” why should you do birth control then? You’ve been Warned. It’s a Big Sin.

During the Day of Judgment in the fields of Hashr, the rows of Prophet’s followers would be 80, and the rows containing the followers of Adam through to Jesus would be 40. We’ll be double. Attention, never do birth control. Even if your first child is blind, second child is limp, but the third child can be someone who controls the world. If you resort to contraception, after giving birth to a blind son and a limp son, then it is possible that within those sperms was someone who had the potential to rule the world. But you didn’t give birth to a such a son because of birth control. You stopped after the blind child and limp child.

Marry a girl whose mother has given birth to many children; see whether her maternal grandmother has given birth many times; marry a girl like that. There is permission to marry up to 4 times. Our Prophet married 11 times.

Those learned in English from schools and colleges, are doing these and not taking children. Are my words true or false? Women, Beware. Words are like leaves. Runs in one direction, and then goes way in another. Just likes leaves flee here and there, it too leaves. (souce: natundesh)

unsbd.com, 12 July 2013

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